Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Please remember that you have to pay all fees connected with the transfer of payments and settlement of deposit, in your own bank as well as in the receiving bank

Additional costs:

Due to the extra administration work you will have to cover the actual costs incurred by Newsec

·        If you want to change your arrival or departure dates in your contract after having received the contract.

·        If you have signed the contract and cancel your stay.

·        If Newsec has to send you a reminder for unpaid rent.

These costs will be charged separately or deducted from your deposit.

Please be aware that you will not receive the key to your apartment/room

·        If we haven’t received the signed contract before your arrival

·        If we haven’t received your deposit and/or the first installment of your rent.

Please note that international bank transfers may take more than a week to go through.

The deposit needs to be paid before you can move in. Usually the deposit is charged along with the first months’ rent. 

If you leave your apartment in good condition, your deposit will be transferred to you no more than 8 weeks after departure. In case we need to call for extra cleaning, or if something is damaged or missing, when you leave, the amount will be deducted from your deposit. 

Contact information: 
If you have questions concerning the tenancy contract or rental payment, please contact:
Newsec, e-mail: housing@newsec.dk    

If you have any questions regarding the apartment, please contact:
Malene Baun Vorre, CBS Academic Housing, e-mail: mbv.boligfond@cbs.dk 






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